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Kameleon Languages offer a new way to learn a foreign language.

What makes the difference between Kameleon Languages and other 1-to-1 courses ?

First of all, the teachers were selected amongst the best private teachers in the world. We do not offer courses taught by anonymous teachers who have been recruited last minute. You can see the teachers’ profiles when you choose the language you wish to learn. They all have a professional teaching qualification and are university-educated. They share an extensive teaching experience. Kameleon Languages have a special methodology when it comes to online teaching. All the teachers have been trained to create engaging and dynamic lessons via Skype. Kameleon Languages’ trainers also have a versatile profile: they are also specialists in domains such as business, IT, medicine or law to name a few.

At Kameleon Languages, we work with a very exclusive pool of teachers: simply the top teachers in their languages. We guarantee the teaching quality. If you are not satisfied, you are fully refunded.

Furthermore, to make your experience as effective as possible, along with the language classes, Kameleon Languages have added an extra feature. You can add value to your classes by adding some speaking practice that the students often lack. You need a teacher to learn a language, but you also need people to talk to and to communicate efficiently with. For this purpose, Kameleon languages have an extensive database of tutors with whom you can practice the chosen language at any time.
Each time you book a course with Kameleon, you get a free preliminary need analysis that will help us to assign you a language partner. For instance, the partners can be lawyers, doctors, accountants, designers who are located all around the world to offer you the best availability.
As a director specialized in teaching methods and a former teacher myself, I will be accompanying you at all times, helping you, your teacher and your language partner to make the experience as useful and enjoyable as it deserves to be.

Masha Antonova

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The courses provided by Kameleon Languages ⓒ are fully tailor-made. Here are examples of packages you can purchase with us.


About us

Kameleon Languages Ltd. was created in 2012 to face the growing demand for quality online language courses.

Now every private school or tutoring website offers online classes. Sadly, quality isn’t always there. Online teaching is very specific and requires the same level of academic excellence as face-to-face teaching. Therefore, at Kameleon Languages, we ensure that you have the best teacher for every language that we offer. We have undergone a very thorough and selective recruitment process which implies checking our teachers’ references, qualifications and methodology. Not only our teachers are qualified, experienced and professional, but we constantly thrive on offering them the support and training required to make your course enjoyable, dynamic, and cost-effective.

The students’ feedback is carefully reviewed, the material and course plans prepared accordingly. We encourage communication between the teachers, to improve the methods, find new ideas and continue to provide quality classes on a daily basis. Our tutoring scheme gives students the added value of an effective practice to put their newfound skills to the test.

We greatly respect that teaching is a serious and demanding profession. Therefore, Kameleon Languages pay their teachers decent wages, simply because you can’t have the best if you are not prepared to pay the price.

By clicking on a language from the online language courses page, you will get information about the the teacher and you can directly book a trial class online.

For more information, don’t hesitate to use the online contact form.

 Masha Antonova – Director

Masha was finishing her Bachelor in Law and Politics at La Sorbonne when she started to teach French and Russian on a 1-to-1 basis. She holds a Master degree from INALCO in Teaching Methods of Languages and Cultures. She has worked as a teacher over 8 years.

While holding the role as a Director of Studies in New-York, she was actively involved in recruitment, training and supporting teachers for every language. Her specialism lies in online teaching using ICT. She wrote her dissertation about online courses and has successfully trained teachers in using these media to provide enjoyable and effective lessons to their students.

She opened Kameleon Languages Ltd. in Hong-Kong in 2012 to offer quality online courses all over the world along with the best teachers she met over the past 8 years, in every language. Another core area of Kameleon Languages is designing teaching material for schools and private tutors worldwide that are enjoyable and practical in the interactive world we live in today.

Masha is bilingual in French and Russian, fluent in English and Mandarin that she started to learn online in March 2012. Due to her busy schedule, she only teaches French and Russian online and in Hong-Kong to a very exclusive clientele. Her extensive experience has led her to teach people worldwide, corporate classes for major firms such as Maserati, Pokerstars, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer and VIP’s.


 Mark Herouard – Designer

Mark is a French-American graphic designer in Paris. He studied drawing and sculpting for 8 years at the Academy of Fine-Arts, and Visual Communication in Paris.
His has extensive design software experience including the Adobe creating suite, 3D studio max and Cinema 4D. He has been working for 5 years for an online design company, working on the animations of a large range of websites animations.
At Kameleon Languages, he is in charge of the website visuals, videos, teaching material and apps.



Online Language Courses

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